The Fungi Festival lunch in the Northern Republic restaurant shows the delights of fungi through wine, food and Alison Pouliot 's seminar.

This event includes:

  • Wine tasting on arrival.

  • A seminar from expert mycologist Alison Pouliot on edible and inedible fungi.

  • A cooking demonstration from renowned Chef Ovi on cooking some more unusual but delicious mushrooms available commercially.

  • A fantastic mushroom based three-course lunch.


Slow Mushrooming Seminar

Roaming the autumn forests to discover the delights of wild edible fungi is an increasingly popular Australian pastime. Humans have foraged for wild foods since time began, before cultivation and agriculture became the way of life for most people. Fungi provide subsistence food and cherished delicacies, psychotropics and pharmaceuticals. In developing countries they alleviate hunger and poverty. In the developed world including Australia, they are mostly consumed as a gourmet speciality.However, those who fancy collecting a few mushrooms for dinner, take heed. Among the delicious and delightful lurk deadly species that could land you in the grave. Unfortunately the various folkloric sayings about edible fungi always don’t hold true.This illustrated seminar explores the rise and pleasures of myco-cuisine, along with the rich histories of myth and magic that entice us to pluck that seemingly delectable mushroom and pop it in the pan.

Signed copies of Alison’s books, The Allure of Fungi and Wild Mushrooming will be available for purchase.

Ticket price is $65PP.


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FRIDAY 28  MAY 2021

Enjoy an evening with C.W. Stoneking at Northern Republic Euroa. 

There are multitudes in Stoneking’s music. It’s probably easiest to describe him as a ‘blues artist,’ but the term disguises what makes his music special. There’s so much in there. A 1920s pre-war blues sound is key, but there’s almost equal helpings of New Orleans jazz, jug band music, hokum, country and calypso, and he’s lately brought in elements of jump jive, early rock’n’roll and gospel. His gift is that he brings them all together without anything sounding out of place. He finds the strands that connect all of these different styles and gently braids them together. It’s what he values more than anything: “It’s getting everything to unify really. The music, the flow of it, keeping it moving, with no dead spots. Then I guess having the lyrics and the meaning that flows in that too, you know? Getting it all to knit together in a way that, if you didn’t speak English maybe, you’d still be able to feel the melody, or the sounds of the words. If you did, then the meaning would also flow. That’s sort of what I’m trying to do, I guess.” When so many on the blues scene are trying to sound ‘authentic’ – whatever that is – it’s that unity of sound that allows Stoneking to actually achieve it, and with apparent ease, too. Back in the day, no-one was ‘just’ a blues musician, or a jazz or country musician, and so neither is he. 

Stoneking’s work can never really be second-guessed; you never know what you’re going to get. After charming his audiences with acoustic parlour guitars, National resonators, tenor banjos and a band laden with brass on his first two albums, he dropped all of that to go electric with his latest, 2014’s Gon’ Boogaloo, which was all about his Fender Jazzmaster and doo-wop backing vocals. While acoustic is still in his plans (his most recent tour was a solo affair: just him and a gorgeous 1937 Epiphone Deluxe), it seems like he’s ditched the banjo for good; he’s been known to go on the occasional but vicious anti-banjo tirade. When I try to ask him about it, he suffices with “I have to be careful with what I say. People get angry about that sort of stuff.” Maybe he’s been advised by his lawyers. Maybe it’s just part of his own epic, enigmatic legend. 


Ticket price of $110 plus booking fee, includes C.W. Stoneking solo show plus a mediterranean feast. Doors open from 6pm with the feast commencing at 7PM. C. W. Stoneking's performance from 9PM. The event will take place in Northern Republic's old wine hall. Communal tables will apply. Any dietary requirements need to be sent to hello@northernrepublic.com.au 7 days prior to event.

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Excited to be hosting a night of jazz with emerging three piece New Exchange.

And what better way to do it than to incorporate great italian food, and amazing King Valley wines.

With only a limited number of seats available we're urge you to book early to avoid dissappointment.

Ticket includes;

- entertainment from New Exchange
- 3 course mediterranean dinner
- wines matched to food from Politini Wines (King Valley)

Ticket price is $85PP plus booking fee.